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About us

ECOFLOW Heating & Cooling Systems is a producer of machines dedicated for thermal stabilization of an industrial processes.We are offering the best in class solutions for plastics, die casting and food processing due to understanding of special needs of our customers from individual machines up to complex systems which may be realized from concept trough the design, simulations, production, testing, final installations up to after warranty servicing.
Thermal stabilization by meaning of precision in maintaining set process temperatures and failure-free operation is a key point of ECOFLOW philozophy. Due to the engineering support from ECOFLOW the customers receive much more than excellent heating or cooling machines. Frequently we are optimizing the production processes which leads to the quality and efficiency improvements.
about us

The range of standard ECOFLOW machines consist of:

Water tempering units (synonym.: thermostats, water boiler)
for thermal operation in the range from +30 ° C up to +160 ° C

Oil tempering units (synonym.: thermostats, oil boiler)
for thermal operation in the range from +80 ° C up to + 350 ° C

Chillers (synonym: coolers) in the temperature range from -30°C to + 30°C including:
- Air-cooled chillers
- Water-cooled chillers

Dry Coolers (synonym: free cooler, dry cooler)

Energy-efficient cooling systems

Hot Runner temperature controllers (synonym: temperature controller)
Sequential Valve Gate controllers ( synonym: hydraulic and pneumatic power units)

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Hydraulic couplings
Pressure vessels 

The range of ECOFLOW services includes:

Calculation of cooling capacity
Thermography process audit
On-site installations
After sales service