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General informations


  • Electrical control cabinet and machine body are separated, good effective isolation.
  • Start-up, fluid-refilled and air-drained of the piping automatically, avoid out of order of heater & pump.
  • Piping is made as stainless steel one structre formation, avoid leakage.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • P.I.D. interior counted, accuracy: ±0,5C.
  • Majaor electric parts are from EATON MOELLER.
  • Pump comes from SPECK, GRUNDFOS
  • Complete with safety protection and break down indication system, user-friendly operation.
  • Temp. range:
    -water circulation: 100C, 120C, 140C,180C
    -oil circulation: 150C, 200C, 350C


  • main power, non-fuse breaker
  • power, phase lack & reverse protection
  • protection switch for prove the electric leakage (oil type)
  • pump reversal protecting and indicating lamp
  • pump overload protecting and indicating lamp
  • fluid shortage protecting and indicating lamp
  • overheat protecting and indicating lamp
  • by-pass circulation
  • buzzer
  • cooling compulsory
  • temperature deviation alarm and indicating lamp
  • SSR control
  • fluid-drained through mould automatically


  • Strong point for temperature deviation warning - when the deviation between temperature of set-point and actual values is over 2-4C (deviation could set by users), will be revealed by alarm & lamp
  • Strong point for compulsion cooling - before shut-down, push the button, fluid will be cooling compulsory automatically
    -no need to set temp. controller while start-up under the same condition
    -no need to turn off heater manually
  • Strong point for draining-fluid automatically
    -no need to adjust ball valves manually, draining-fluid from mould directly
    -safe and easy to operate, no fluid-spilled while taking off the external pipes