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Air cooling chillers
Air cooling chillersOne or twin independent refrigeration circuits. Compressors work in full or part load automatically according to heat load. All models equipped with piston or scroll type highly efficient compressors.
Water tempering units
 Water tempering unitssynonim: tempering units. Temperature water cotrollers dedicated for stabilization of process temperature control in industry process. Working temperature +40ºC up to +180ºC.
Water cooling chillers
Water cooling chillersCHW series it is water-water chiller for most critical process applications where it is not allowed air circulations inside e.g. medical applications or food processing industry. It is required to install with central cooling system or free-cooler CDW se
Oil tempering units
Oil tempering unitsThe wide range of mould temperature controllers and chillers is dedicated for the most demanding customers in the processing of plastics, rubber and die-casting.
AUTONOMOUS SEQUENTIAL VALVE GATE CONTROLLERAUTONOMOUS SEQUENTIAL VALVE GATE CONTROLLER is designed exclusively for injection molds containing hot runner system with valve gate nozzles. Injection nozzles are coupled with integrated hydraulic cylinders which are connected to the controller AHX b
Free coolers
Free coolersFree coolers CDW series are designed for closed loop cooling circuits. CDW using ensures less energy consumption while being enviromentally friendly.
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